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Bird Sunglasses launches ‘virtual try-on’

The augmented reality system aims to help customers find the right pair of frames online

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Bird Sunglasses has launched its virtual try-on technology, using augmented reality to allow customers to see how they would look in a selected pair of frames.

Using a phone or computer, customers can ‘try on’ frames to decide which style suits them before deciding to make a purchase.

“All you need to do is make sure the lighting is good, scoop your hair back and relax your jaw,” the company suggests.

The company has been working with FittingBox on the integration and user journey since February, explained founder Ed Bird, adding: “We’re still iterating, tweaking and improving.”

The virtual try-on system was developed to give customers a way to experience how different shapes, colours and patterns look on them in real time.

“Combined with our face shape guide and tailored customer service, it becomes a powerful tool to help people find frames that they'll love,” Mr Bird added.

Reflecting on how coronavirus (COVID-19) has impacted the business, Mr Bird said: “Like so many, we've had to pivot and change much of how we work. With the majority of opticians closed, we've needed to focus our services online. We've worked with many of our stockists to supply eyewear to their customers and the virtual try-on tool has played a key role in this.”

“As restrictions lift, we'll be working closely with all our opticians, supplying physical stock and complementing this with our ophthalmic virtual try-on service,” Mr Bird added.

Looking ahead, Mr Bird suggested virtual try-on could be a “useful and compelling” tool as part of a wider service. He added: “It complements face-to-face appointments and has become very useful with the various restrictions and social distancing in place.”