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Retro meets new

OT ’s pick of the frames rocking the trend for 1970s glamour


Eyewear designers love to draw on hindsight and are currently taking inspiration from the 1970s for the 2020s. In this year’s key trends, retro meets new. Think oversized lenses, gradient shades and bags of attitude.

Short and sweet

Tarian Parme

A limited-edition steel and acetate frame in dark havana and beige, the Parme by Jeremy Tarian epitomises the 1970s colour palette. This handmade beauty is one of a limited run of 500 frames.

Jeremy Tarian 

Keeping pristine

Etnia Barcelona

The Maracaibo by Etnia Barcelona might have vintage looks, but it benefits from all the mod cons. A triple-layer anti-reflective interior and oleophobic lenses keep the frame looking pristine.

Etnia Barcelona 

Flamboyant mood

Woow Be Cult

Trendy, edgy, big and thin: all adjectives that can all apply to Be Cult by Woow. This flamboyant style is flattering and easy to wear, courtesy of the ultra-thin metal used in frame 1-901_F.


Image credit: Jeremy Tarian, Etnia, Woow


Lizzy’s style notes… 

Each month, OT columnist, Lizzy Yeowart, considers a classic dispensing scenario. This month an 80-year-old woman is after a new look.

Lizzy says...
“Several factors should be considered when choosing frames for an 80-year-old woman. Skin becomes more delicate with age and often the face becomes thinner. Therefore, comfort, especially on the bridge is paramount.”

Something classic


Stepper is renowned for comfortable, lightweight eyewear. The ‘SI-30106 F552’ is universally flattering and the translucent crystal highlights the under-eye area which minimises the appearance of laughter lines.

Stepper Eyewear

Feeling bold


For octogenarians with attitude, this Chantelle frame (‘971’ C2) has a strong yet sophisticated shape. Burgundy is kinder to older skin than black and the Swarovski detail and multi-coloured sides are bold and beautiful.

Dunelm Optical 

Image credit: Stepper Eyewear, Dunelm Optical