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Something old, something new

Eyewear options for brides-to-be have never been more alluring


Gone are the days when every ametropic bride-to-be just wants contact lenses for her big day. Modern day brides can embrace their eyewear as much as they embrace their betrothed – well almost.

Engraved touch

Italians know all about romance, so Italian brand Feb31st has the perfect eyewear for the wedding and the honeymoon. The rear layer of the ‘Lots of Love’ (LOL) frame is inspired by the floor tiles in Italian cathedrals, home to countless weddings over the centuries. Every frame is made to order, so the wearer can choose layers to suit their taste, and the sides can be engraved with a memorable date, name or symbol for a truly bespoke touch.

Feb31st, ‘LOL’ (pictured below)

Feb31st LOL frames

A hint of colour

The ‘Esme’ frame by Kirk & Kirk is handcrafted in France from 10mm acrylic. The volume of material belies the lightness and comfort of the frame. Clear frames, and those with a mere hint of colour, act as a highlighter. They can brighten the under-eye area, rather than casting shadows like a darker frame does – ensuring every bride looks her best.

Kirk & Kirk, ‘Esme’ (pictured below)

Esme Kirk and Kirk frames

Something blue

What could be better for a wedding than a frame painted by hand and completed with real silver leaf detail? Once painted, each Ronit Furst frame is coated to give its finished look: crystal shiny or sandy matt. Designed to look different from every angle, the frames have fine detail and tiny embellishments, graduated colour schemes and asymmetric designs. The range creates quirky, individual styles to capture the wearer’s personality. Perfect for a bride who wants her ‘something blue’ to be a little different.

Ronit Furst, ‘5061 Z2S’ (pictured below) 

Ronit Furst 92 frames

Image credit: Feb31st, Kirk & Kirk, Ronit Furst and Getty/Loicvs Babinus