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OT  focuses on…Products for hospital optometrists

From magnifiers to contact lenses, OT  rounds up the latest innovations in products for hospital optometrists


Magnifiers: Temperature control

Associated Optical, the UK partner of Eschenbach Optik, has introduced added functionality to its Mobilux hand-held range of magnifiers.

The magnifiers utilise Eschenbach Optik’s lightweight PXM material aspheric lenses to provide powers of 3x, 3.5x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 7x, 10x and 12.5x.

The company also explained that with lighting playing an important role for the user, Eschenbach’s upgraded surface mount diode LEDs provide the user with more illumination than its predecessor.

Eschenbach has developed two filters that allows the user to control the temperature of the light, with a third filter to boost the light intensity by up to 40%.

Director of Associated Optical, Stuart Baldwin, said: “By supplying these filters as free of charge options, we not only put the consumer in the driving seat, empowering them to find a temperature that suits them at the time of use but also reduce the time and cost of ordering and storing three or four times the product for the practitioner.”

For further information, visit the Associated Optical website

Associated Optical

Prosthetics: Natural look

Cantor and Nissel has added a second generation of colours to its Cantor Prosthetic range.

The company explained that the colours have an added depth, giving them a natural look on the eye.

Cantor and Nissel’s range of colours has doubled over the last two years and now includes 20 colour options.

The lens colour option is chosen from a free pocket sized swatch that provides an accurate representation of the lens.

All of the available parameters and bolt-ons are included on the swatch, as well as the two clear fitting lenses that are supplied to establish the correct fit for the patient.

Custom manager at Cantor and Nissel, Teresa Cataldo, said: "The professional service staff are more than happy to visit existing and potential customers to demonstrate the Cantor Prosthetic range. They can also discuss prices on all relevant products."

For further information, visit the Cantor and Nissel website

Cantor and Nissel colour guide

Contact lenses: Myopia management

Mark’ennovy is releasing a silicone hydrogel contact lens that has been specifically designed for myopia management.

The contact lens, Mylo, is powered by the Brien Holden Vision Institute’s extended depth of focus technology, which slows myopia progression and supports acclimation to the lens.

Mark’ennovy explained that its wide range of parameters and low elastic modulus ensure an excellent fit and easy handling, especially for young contact lens wearers.

Mylo is a monthly disposable contact lens available in packs of three and six. It includes a 75% water content and a low coefficient of friction.

It has a Dk of 60, Dk/t of 75 and a wide range of parameters including a base curve of 7.10–9.80mm, diameter of 13.50–15.50mm and sphere of -0.25 to -15.00.

For further information, visit the Mark’ennovy website. 

Mylo packaging

3D base Handheld magnifiers

Optelec Ltd has launched a 3D printed base in support of the Ergo-lux range of handheld magnifiers from Schweizer.

Schweizer has invested in a 3D printing machine that can produce a bespoke base for all 11 optical powers in the range.

The company explained that this enables practitioners to convert handheld magnifiers into stand magnifiers.

Schweizer said that the 3D base gives the department an option to issue a more versatile product that will give the service user more options and potentially defer repeat out-patients appointments.

All orders are made to order and manufactured at the family-owned factory in Germany with shipping directly to the buying hospital within six working days.

For further information, visit the Optelec website

By supplying these filters as free of charge options, we not only put the consumer in the driving seat, empowering them to find a temperature that suits them at the time of use but also reduce the time and cost of ordering and storing three or four times the product for the practitioner

Director of Associated Optical, Stuart Baldwin

Contact lenses: Irregular cornea

SynergEyes has highlighted its UltraHealth contact lenses that have been designed for patients with irregular corneas.

The hybrid contact lens incorporates a reverse geometry for an aspheric gas permeable lens that vaults corneal irregularities.

The company explained that it provides greater lift than previous hybrid designs and enables optometrists to fit patients with a broader range of corneal irregularities.

SynergEyes also noted its UltraHealth FC contact lenses, which have a variable curve design  that is designed for oblate corneas.

Head of professional services at SynergEyes, Phil Thompson, said: “Hospital optometrists who fit these lenses regularly find them very quick, often only needing one lens on-eye to assess the fit.”

“Patients like hybrid contact lenses as, being like soft lenses to look at, they see them as more ‘normal’ compared with the scleral option. This feeling shouldn’t be underestimated as these patients are often very self-conscious about how different their eyes are. They can treat these like a soft contact lens in terms of the care and removal too,” he added.

For further information, visit the SynergEyes website

SynergEyes Diagnostic Fitting Approach

Contact lenses: Parameter combinations

UltraVision has added the specialist Moulded Bandage to its range of contact lenses.

The company, which provides hospitals with paediatric, high myopic and soft contact lenses for keratoconus, explained that the contact lens has been designed and priced specifically for the NHS and hospital market.

UltraVision said that Moulded Bandage has the same high quality of a lathe cut lens, but its manufacturing process allows for immediate shipping and lower prices.

The process also enables practitioners to hold stock and provide off the shelf dispensing with six different parameter combinations, two large diameters of 16.00mm and 18.00mm, and three base curves of 8.40mm, 8.70mm and 9.00mm.

For further information, visit the UltraVision website

Cast Moulded Bandage Lens

Low vision Glare management

Optima Low Vision Services highlighted its low vision eyewear from NoIR Medical Technologies that helps protect against glare.

The company explained that glare management is an important element of any low vision service but accessing the range of filters and tints that address the needs of low vision patients can be challenging. 

NoIR provides a range of 38 filters and tints, including 100% UV and blue light blocker filters, to polaroid tints, with visible light transmission options ranging from 91% to 1%.

It also provides a wide range of frames, including adult fit-over in multiple sizes, wrap-arounds, flip-up clip-ons, prescription insert frames, child wrap-around and a paediatric fit-over frame.

Director and low vision practitioner at Optima Low Vision Services, Nicholas Collins, said: “The NoIR range allows me to reduce glare for my low vision patients and maximise their functional vision. Not only can a carefully selected option address the glare, it can also lead to functional improvements to my patients’ visual performance in terms of acuity, contrast sensitivity, and improved mobility. The benefits of filters and tints in the low vision clinic cannot be underestimated.”

For further information, visit the Optima Low Vision Services website