Next generation varifocals

Caledonian Optical’s new lens features a diamond coating

Caledonian ARC Intero lenses
Caledonian Optical has launched the ARC Intero lens, which provides UV protection to wearers.

The company explained that the lens is the next generation of premium varifocals that includes a diamond coating.

Arc Intero has been developed with the support of Indizen Optical Technologies and Younger Optics to produce a bespoke lens that balances visual fields for near and far distances.

Using the latest in digital lens design, Caledonian Optical said that the lens provides image stability and visual comfort.

Head of manufacturing at Caledonian Optical, Mark Robertson, said: “As the first UK lab to produce such a lens we are hugely proud of this product and the positive feedback it has widely received. Specifically tailored with the exact graduation of the patient, the glasses create a real wow factor from practitioners and users alike.”

For further information, visit the Caledonian Optical website.