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Cheetahs and coral snakes

La Matta’s new capsule collection features animal prints and floral motifs

05 Apr 2018 by Andrew McClean

Area98 brand, La Matta, has launched a capsule collection of sunglasses for spring/summer 2018.

The eyewear company explained that the collection “is characterised by a more pronounced thickness in the upper part of the glasses and a thinner, lighter lower part.”

Styles such as ‘LM3236’ (pictured) and ‘LM3237’ have printed cheetahs or coral snakes among floral motif patterns on the brow and arms of the frames. The lenses are available in mirrored versions, including pink, light blue, grey and gold.

Additions have also been made to La Matta’s Classic collection, which features acetate frames with zebra, leopard and python prints, alongside goldsmith-inspired decorations. 

Stones are set in gold or metal arms in the ‘LM3223’ model, and ‘LM3224’ is entirely acetate, while ‘LM3225’ is a combination of the other two styles. 

For further information, visit the Area98 website. 


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