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Shamir’s close-up technology allows lenses to be personalised to the wearers needs

26 Apr 2017 by Emily McCormick

With people spending an increasing amount of time in front of a screen on a daily basis, Shamir has developed new lens technology that adjusts to the wearer’s needs, offering what the company says is an “optimal solution for everyone.”

Shamir explains that many of today’s lens designs are “universally optimised” for near viewing, with an average inset value. While this is fine in most cases, it says, when it comes to any irregularities, near vision can become unfocused or narrow.

Designed to tackle this problem, Shamir highlights that its trademarked Close-up technology “adjusts the reading zone inset of every lens to the individual patient’s convergence during near viewing.”

Adjustments are made in 0.1 mm steps within a range of 0-5 mm, the company confirmed, adding that therefore the lens is custom-adjusted to the individuals near pupil distance (PD), relative to their far PD.

A spokesperson for the company added: “This advanced lens design technology creates lenses that meet individual differences, from physiological traits such as distance between pupils, length of arms, or convergence/divergence disorders, to lifestyle, type of work, hobbies, and so on. The result is a highly personalised lens that meets today’s visual performance demands, whether average or irregular, for near and intermediate viewing.”


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