Me and my glasses

Armand Beasley

Celebrity makeup artist, TV presenter and actor, Armand Beasley, talks to OT ’s Robina Moss about his passion for eyewear

Armand Beasley and Goldie Hawn

How many pairs of spectacles and sunglasses do you own?

I own 16 pairs of spectacles and three pairs of sunglasses, although some of my specs are Transitions. I love the variation of spectacles that you can get now. Even though I only need mine for driving, I tend to wear them most days now to complement whatever I'm wearing. 

Can you describe your first pair of spectacles?

They were round gold-rimmed specs – very John Lennon. I was 16 when I first started wearing specs. I'm starting to see a lot of round frames now so maybe I should dig them out. They would be vintage frames now. 

Do you have a favourite pair?

I have some Specsavers Osiris metallic resin frames that have a graduated tint to them. I love them. More than any of my various glasses, these get the most compliments. However, I'm quite giddy about the Karl Lagerfeld frames that I wore to the last Specsavers Spectacle Wearer of the Year Awards. They are sapphire blue and fade into a golden tone.

Who would you pick as your eyewear style icon and why?

I think Johnny Depp always looks great in his specs and I love the tint. My pal, actress Shobna Gulati, always looks good in hers and she chooses some really quirky frames. (Armand is pictured with his fiend and client, A-lister Goldie Hawn).

Do you wear contact lenses and why?

I use to wear coloured contact lenses years ago. I had contacts in every shade imaginable. I wore them because it was an easy way for me to change my look. I still wear clear daily disposables from time to time.

What prompted you to go for an eye examination?

I think that it was around the time that I was starting sixth form. I went for an eye examination as things in the distance started to get a bit blurry, and I'm nosy – I always like to know who is in the room.

Has wearing spectacles changed your outlook on eye care?

Yes, it's made me appreciate my eyes. I'm short sighted and I'm lucky that my prescription hasn't changed for years. I also see my spectacles as part of my wardrobe to enhance what I'm wearing at the time.

I’d recommend to think of your specs like a beautiful picture frame and your eyes like a stunning painting. What make up tips would you offer spectacles wearers?Don't hide behind your frames. If you’re short sighted then your lenses will make your eyes look smaller so use a white eye liner pencil on the inside rim of the eye and a subtle highlighter at the inner corner to make the eyes look bigger. 

Also invest in good eyelash curlers to lift your lashes. For long-sighted girls, pop a dark pencil liner on the inside upper and lower rim to make your eyes look slightly smaller. 

Always make time for your brows – subtle definition and a good shape are the most flattering.

About the spectacles wearer

Beauty guru Armand Beasley has been a make up artist for events such as the Oscars and regularly works with A-list celebrities, including Goldie Hawn. As an actor, he has appeared in Coronation Street and Emmerdale.

Image credit: Adam Yaffe