Me and my glasses

Kimberly Wyatt

Ambassador for Specsavers’ SWOTY competition

Pussycat Doll, Kimberly Wyatt

How many pairs of spectacles and sunglasses do you own?

I own about five or six pairs of spectacles. I couldn’t tell you how many sunglasses I have, but it’s a lot.

Can you describe your first pair of spectacles?

I got my first pair of spectacles when I was about 17. They were the “cattiest” style I could find, but they are nothing compared to the glasses that you can get nowadays.

Do you have a favourite pair?

My favourite pair is a frame I bought recently. They’re called ‘Love Moschino’ and I absolutely love them. They’re very cat-like. My almond-shaped eyes suit this style best.

Who would you pick as your eyewear style icon and why?

Marilyn Monroe is my biggest eyewear style icon. Nobody wears glasses quite like she did.

Do you wear contact lenses?

I don’t wear contact lenses, as I only need my specs when I’m reading.

What prompted you to go for an eye examination?

I love reading. I read every night and all of a sudden I started to get headaches. I didn’t realise it was because of my vision and thought maybe I was dehydrated as I’d never had any eye problems before. A friend of mine said the same thing had happened to her and it was because she needed glasses. So I booked an appointment with an optician and she was right.

Has wearing spectacles changed your outlook on eye care?

Eyes are so important, you only get one pair so you need to look after them. I’m fortunate that my eye sight isn’t that bad, but if [people] start to struggle to read, or get headaches, they should book an appointment at the optician. Now I’m a mum, I’d always make sure to look out for anything that might mean Willow could have a problem with her eyes. Kids glasses are much cooler now that when I was little. There’s really no reason for children to experience eye problems any more.