New biography of Carl Zeiss to celebrate 200th anniversary of pioneer’s birth

Landmark launch for 'one of optics' most innovative and inspirational men'

15 Aug 2016 by Robina Moss

Carl Zeiss anniversary biographyLenses and ophthalmic equipment manufacturer Carl Zeiss Vision has launched a  new biography to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of the company’s founder next month.

Carl Zeiss was born in Weimar, Germany, on 11 September, 1816 and is hailed by the company as “one of optics’ most innovative and inspirational men.”

To mark the occasion, head of the Zeiss Corporate Archives, Dr Wolfgang Wimmer, along with historian Stephan Paetrow, conducted reserch into the life of Mr Zeiss to write the new biography.

“Relatively little is known about Zeiss’ life,” explained Dr Wimmer. As part of their work, the archivist and the historian gleaned new insights from an old ledger in which Mr Zeiss kept detailed records of income and expenditure relating to his company and his family between 1848–1863.

In addition to the biography, the company will be conducting a range of events and activities to celebrate the founder’s 200th birthday, along with ‘Carl Zeiss Day’ to be held on 11 September in Jena, Germany.

The Carl Zeiss biography is available to buy online. For more information, visit the Zeiss website.


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