Stepper UK launches ultra-thin plastic frames

New styles feature TX5 fronts and renowned ‘Stepper bridge’

29 Jun 2015 by Robina Moss

Stepper UK has launched ultra-thin plastic frames which include the ‘SI 30059’ for women and the ‘SI 20033’ for men (pictured).

Both combine the company’s high tech material ‘TX5’ in the fronts, with Beta-titanium sides. The ‘TX5’ fronts also incorporate a ‘Stepper bridge’ to maximise comfort. The temple and sides benefit from the elasticity of the Beta-titanium which gives flexibility and lightness.

Managing director of Stepper UK, Richard Crook, explained that advances in materials and manufacturing technology have been accelerating, making what would have been considered possible only in metal frames a few of years ago is now also possible in plastic frames.

Mr Crook added: “Stepper’s development of the high-tech ‘TX5’ material and injection moulding manufacturing processes have allowed rim widths to be minimised to create elegant and modern styles.

“These exciting frames are thinner and lighter, yet still as strong and retaining the renowned Stepper comfort and fit.”

The frames have been designed to be light, with the ‘SI 20033’ weighing just 4.5g, and offered in a range of colours. The ‘SI 20033’ is two-tone. 
Stepper has created the thin-rimmed frames to maintain an integral bridge, and designs which allow for regular glazing.

The new women’s frame is offered in the colours ‘brown shell,’ ‘rose shell’ and ‘blue shell,’ while the new men’s frame is offered in ‘sherry two-tone,’ ‘smoke two-tone’ and ‘blue two-tone.’

Mr Crook concluded: “Imagine the slim line look of metal with the comfort of a classic ‘TX5’ Stepper bridge. This is now a reality thanks to Stepper’s innovation and know-how.”

For more information, visit the Stepper UK website.


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