Brochure on polarising lenses

Norville publishes polarising lenses guide to explain the technical details of NuPolar and Drivewear

03 Feb 2015 by Robina Moss

Norville, in conjunction with Younger Optics USA, has published a 12-page polarising lenses publication explaining the technical details behind NuPolar and Drivewear Polarising lenses.  

Norville said that only polarising lenses can deal with the reflected glare increasingly prevalent in today’s urbanised environments. 

The company claims that, while polarised prescription lenses have been around for a number of years, today’s production is of better quality, more reliable and better value. It also highlights that both NuPolar and Drivewear lenses fully absorb UV to 400nm.

Norville hopes that the new brochure will help practitioners point out the advantages of NuPolar and Drivewear to their patients. For more information, visit the Norville website.


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