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Body Doctor goes green with biodegradable lid wipes

As part of the company’s work to reduce its environmental impact, the Body Doctor has made its Eye Doctor Lid Wipes and Eye Doctor Tea Tree Lid Wipes biodegradable

Body Doctor wipes

The Body Doctor has made its Eye Doctor tea tree and regular lid wipes fully biodegradable as part of the company’s efforts to “embrace sustainable products, packaging and practises.”

The company believes the biodegradable wipes are a first for the optical industry. The product packaging is also recyclable.

The Eye Doctor Lid Wipes and Eye Doctor Tea Tree Lid Wipes are plastic-free and made from viscose fibres. When in soil, compost or fresh or marine water, the fibres convert back to nature.

A survey conducted as part of the company’s regular market research confirmed that sustainability was an important factor for customers, with 80% of respondents sharing that they would be willing to pay more for environmentally-friendly products and packaging.

Managing director of the Body Doctor, Sue Grant, said: “As a company, we recognise that being sustainable is becoming a necessity due to ever-changing perceptions around the world and we are starting to bridge the gap between ‘knowing’ and ‘doing’ by embracing sustainable products, packaging and practises.”

Having invested in reducing its environmental impact by making the lid wipe products biodegradable, the company said it will be absorbing the costs involved without passing any price increases to customers or patients.

“Our aim is to continue this shift towards being more eco-friendly,” Grant added.

Body Doctor’s head of professional services, Andrew Price, has also seen an increased interest in sustainability from patients, sharing: “As clinicians we are rightly focused on the clinical benefit to the user, however, a third factor has now entered the consumer evaluation of how they spend their money; benefit, cost and now how eco-friendly is the production and disposal of a product.”

The Eye Doctor range is distributed to the optical profession by Positive Impact.