Orasis practice management software is upgraded

Improvements announced to the recall system, security features and payment schemes

Orasis Tablet 1

Orasis has announced a number of improvements to its practice management software system ‘for forward-thinking practices.’

The developments to the system include improvements to the recall system, security features and low-cost text messaging. The system can now take multiple tenders on the same payment transaction, and scanning is embedded for those practices that require a completely paperless system.

Orasis software developer, Chris Smith, explained that the recent upgrades were designed with the user’s experience in mind and this made Orasis a more intuitive system with “many benefits to the practitioner’s business.” 

Mr Smith told OT: “We understand how busy it is in practice and we know our software will save time and look more modern in the eyes of clients.”

Orasis uses the latest Microsoft technologies to ensure a reliable system, which aims to deliver fast performance and a stable environment that can be either cloud-based or in practice.

The system is designed to flow easily from section to section. “We receive many compliments about our software, including that it is quick and simple to use, especially when dealing with clients,” said Mr Smith.

The company continues to promote its diary colour-coded appointment scheduling. Orasis highlights that it can cater for any number of clinics and appointment times, as well as promoting their online booking system.

Orasis also launched a complete management system for eye care payment plans, which runs alongside its existing contact lens and direct debit scheme.

“This will ensure the practice manages its regular income stream,” explained Orasis director, Linus Mason.

Mr Mason said: “I’m really proud of how Orasis software has evolved and improved over the past 22 years. I’ve had input from practitioners that has enabled us to write the software to be user-friendly and cater for all types of independent practices. We are particularly pleased with our new clinical records form.”

Mr Mason concluded: “From installation, set-up, training and on-going support, we make sure practitioners get the best out of Orasis. We want their business to succeed.”

For more information, visit the company’s website or telephone 0152 783 4740.