Optix Software is expecting 'a momentous year'

Two major enhancements to its practice management system will be launched at the company’s annual conference in March

28 Dec 2016 by Robina Moss

Optix Software believes that 2017 “promises to be a momentous year” for the company, as it is continues to enhance its practice management software which is now running in over 25% of independent practices in the UK.

The two major enhancements due for release at the company’s 2017 conference (13–15 March, The Celtic Manor) are the next-generation NHS integration and the new ‘Optix Product Hub.’ 

The company has revealed that full integration with the Scottish NHS system will be released in March as planned, but the new English system will have to follow later as Capita is unable to support any electronic integration at present.

However, Optix Software managing director, Trevor Rowley, told OT: “The Optix Hub represents the largest single software project we have ever undertaken.”

He explained: “This is a revolutionary advance that enables industry suppliers to maintain product catalogues that are then immediately available to all Optix users. The system also offers a full two-way electronic data interchange ordering integration for those manufacturers able to support this.”

A large number of suppliers will have their products in the Optix Hub from launch, with an A–Z of major industry names “from Alcon through to Zeiss” all participating.

Mr Rowley said: “I am really excited by this project, and overwhelmed by the huge support we have had from all areas of the industry. There is clearly a huge demand for such a system and our dominant position in the UK market has allowed us to develop this service.”

The 2017 Optix Conference has expanded further and will feature keynote speakers including Professor Brian Cox and Sir Clive Woodward.

“They will help to create a unique conference that has now become a must-attend event for many in the profession,” concluded Mr Rowley.

For more information, visit the company’s website.


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