FLEX-ability – Optinet boosts its team owing to demand for its software

Ongoing development follows key company milestones in 2016 including first user meeting


Optinet has increased its team to match demand for its new FLEX software package following ‘an exceptionally busy past 12 months.’

The company is the IT division of the National Eye Care Group, the UK’s largest purchasing group for independent opticians.

Some of the key developments recently completed by Optinet include NHS Scotland e-ophthalmic payments. In August 2016, Optinet FLEX was the first practice management system (PMS) to go-live with general ophthalmic services (GOS) form submissions.

Optinet highlights that the integration gives Scottish practices real-time validation of claims and eliminates ‘return to contractor’ letters. It also reduces postage costs as it is a fully integrated solution, with no switching between the PMS and the ophthalmic web form.

The company also held its first user meeting in 2016 (pictured) that saw its first software review with independent practitioners using its system.

“It was a great success and we are busy planning the next one,” said Optinet’s national sales manager and project developer, Chris Smith.

“Work is well underway to implement the requested changes, which are due to be released in the first quarter of 2017,” he told OT.

In addition, the company created an Eyeplan module on the system for the patient payment scheme for eye care.

“Having had informal links with Eyeplan in the past it made absolute sense that, when an Eyeplan associate was seeking to replace their practice management system, Optinet FLEX was introduced and a FLEX Eyeplan module was created,” explained Mr Smith.

“Phase one of the project was delivered in 2016 and FLEX users can now integrate with Eyeplan Express III.”

The integration means that patient data does not need to be entered twice. Instead, information is shared between the two systems, saving staff time and minimising the potential for errors to occur.

During a dispense, Eyeplan savings are clearly visible to the patient, helping practice staff sign up new patients and reinforce the rewards enjoyed by existing patients on the payment scheme.

Mr Smith emphasised: “For almost 30 years, Optinet has developed software for independent opticians. We understand practice needs and have the valuable experience that makes Optinet a name that can be trusted.

“We believe in ongoing development. Practice management software that moves with the times will give the patient a positive experience and lead to patient loyalty,” he concluded.

For more information, visit the company’s website.