Alcon acquires micro-stent company Transcend Medical

Eye care company Alcon has acquired Transcend Medical, a US-based company that produces a micro-stent device useful in the treatment of glaucoma

Alcon acquires microstent company Transcend Medical

Alcon has announced that it has acquired Transcend Medical, a US-based company that produces minimally-invasive surgical devices to treat glaucoma.

Transcend Medical recently developed a micro-stent which is surgically implanted just below the surface of the eye for the treatment of less-severe glaucoma.

The device is designed to reduce intraocular pressure (IOP) by enhancing the natural drainage pathways of the eye with minimal disruption to surrounding tissue.

In a randomised study of over 500 people with mild-to-moderate glaucoma undergoing cataract surgery, patients who received the micro-stent experienced a 20% reduction in IOP compared to those who did not.

Alcon chief executive, Mike Ball, said he hoped the company’s acquisition of Transcend Medical would improve non-invasive treatment of glaucoma.

Mr Ball commented: “We expect the MIGS (minimally invasive glaucoma surgery) technology to be a great addition to our device pipeline and to establish Alcon’s presence in this new surgical category to treat glaucoma.

He added: “If approved, it will provide a less invasive means of lowering IOP than traditional invasive glaucoma surgery, with the goal of lowering the dependency of topical ocular medication.”

Alcon is a division of the multinational pharmaceutical company Novartis.

Image credit: Transcend Medical