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Ultravision rebrand: “We felt passionate that we had something we wanted to communicate with the market”

OT  heard from the Ultravision team about its rebrand, unveiled at 100% Optical 2024

Ultravision’s stand at 100% Optical combines dark wood panelling with plants. The new logo – a geometric eye and bold black text with green and purple elements, is presented on a bright light panel

The soft contact lens manufacturer, Ultravision, unveiled a new branding at 100% Optical 2024.

The rebrand includes a refreshed logo and redesigned website.

The new brand elements aim to reflect the manufacturer’s ethos of “improved quality of life through improving vision and eye health for all.”

Sarahjane Cross took on the role of CEO in 2022, moving from her previous role as finance director, and embarked on a process to understand the “why” of Ultravision.

The company undertook research with employees, practitioners, and end users in the UK and around the world to understand perceptions of Ultravision.

“What came back was that we are a reliable brand that people feel they can trust, [we are] team-orientated, and that we provide a good service. What we then wanted to do was build that into the company – empower a culture of team building, and make sure we are listening to and delivering for our customers,” Cross told OT.

The journey of rebranding began in March 2023.

Kelly Fenn, UK sales and global marketing manager, commented: “It was very important that we came across as friendly and approachable. We were told that we were a safe pair of hands, and the brand needed to reflect that. We wanted a bit of colour, vibrancy and energy and to do things a bit differently.”

Ultravision has developed a mission of “Improving lives, making things clearer.”

Cross explained: “It’s something we really believe in. We know it makes a difference in people’s lives. We felt passionate that we had something we wanted to communicate with the market.”

Thomas Hedley, commercial manager for Ultravision, explained that an internal launch of the rebrand was hosted in the weeks ahead of 100% Optical.

“What was important to us was that the whole team felt involved from the beginning,” Hedley shared. “The internal feedback was very good.”

Cross added: “A lot of the employees have been there for decades. They have seen a lot of change, but a lot of employees have come to us and told us the branding feels fresh and energetic. We wanted to create a buzz.”

The new website has been designed with an educational approach. Patients who use the website will be able to gain more information on the contact lenses, including taking a quiz to find the lens that might be suitable for them. Patients are then pointed in the direction of where they can find the lenses.

Practitioners can also use the website to find the ideal contact lens for each patient, and Ultravision also hopes to implement a training hub as part of the site by the end of the year.