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Essilor launches new edger range

The kits are ideal for practices with limited space but wanting to offer in-house edging services, Paul Cumber, instruments director at EssilorLuxottica, said

  The front view of the ES 800 edger instrument
Essilor Instruments
Essilor Instruments launched a new range of edger systems for in-practice finishing at 100% Optical 2024.

The company also demonstrated optical equipment from its new distribution partners while at the optical show.

In-house finishing

The new edger range includes the ES 700 edger, ES 800 edger, and the TCB 800, Automatic Tracer-Centerer-Blocker (TCB).

The systems are designed to be compact and easy to use, which the company suggests will allow eye care professionals (ECPs) to save time and space.

Paul Cumber, instruments director at EssilorLuxottica, said: “Our new ES 700 and ES 800 edgers provide unparalleled edging and customisation at speed, making them an ideal investment for ECPs looking to upgrade and boost productivity in their own lab.”

He described 100% Optical as: “the perfect platform to launch and demo the kit in the UK for the first time.”

With the new instruments, optical tracing time is reduced by up to 75%, blocking and centring time by up to 20% and edging time by up to 19%, through the implementation of the Fast-Roughing Cycle.

The TCB 800 automatically harmonises frame base trajectory and adjusts centring data based on 3D parameters, allowing for perfect tracing.

With real time control of cutting forces, the roughing cycle automatically adapts to the curves of lenses up to base 10 – mitigating axis deviation risks and optimising bevel placement and shelf depth for safer mounting.

The ES 700M and ES 800M edger bring together hybrid milling and grinding technology for axis control. Dry cut technology also reduces wet lens waste and odours.

For ease of use, the ES-range features ergonomic multi-touch screens and an intuitive interface, with custom user profiles, quick access to frequently used jobs, and the TCB 800’s library of frame collections.

Practices can also use the ES 800 edger with the M’Eye Custom web app for personalised lens shapes, engraving, clip-ons, and cristal pavé.

Due to the compact size of the kit, the instruments are ideal for practices with limited space but that wish to offer an in-house edging service, Cumber suggested

“Offering the service will help provide an extra competitive edge against other local opticians because ECPs can promise and deliver a faster service for patients,” he added.

The latest from partners

The Medmont Meridia Topographer
Essilor Instruments
The Medmont Meridia Topographer
Essilor Instruments also showcased equipment launches from its distribution partners.

Launched at the show, the Medmont Meridia Topographer is available as a classic and professional model.

The classic platform builds on proprietary concepts of the E300 with a larger colour field-of-view and ergonomic quick keys for navigation.

The professional model extends the feature with anterior, fluorescein, and meibomian gland imaging and videos. It also has dry eye grading scales and reports.

The slit lamp range from Takagi was also showcased at 100% Optical.

The Takagi 700GL Slit Lamp is designed to provide “crystal clear observation from the anterior eye segment to the fundus,” providing a sharp illumination with minimal light and colour irregularities.

The Takagi 2ZL and 4ZL Slit Lamps are ideal for routine examinations, the companies shared, with the five-step magnification 4ZL positioned as a high-end model with background illumination installed as standard. The three-step magnification 2ZL offers cost performance.

Cumber said: “It’s an exciting time for the business with a number of equipment launches from our new distribution partners.”

He added that 100% Optical provided a platform to demonstrate the new kits in person.