Bausch + Lomb at 100% Optical

The contact lens manufacturer has spoken to OT  about its new Ultra one-day offering

Bausch + Lomb highlighted its new contact lens, the Ultra one day, during 100% Optical 2022.

The contact lens is the manufacturer’s first daily disposable silicone hydrogel lens. Speaking to OT at 100% Optical, Bausch + Lomb’s head of professional services for Europe and Canada, Richard Smith, described the new product as “a breakthrough lens for us within the marketplace.”

Smith explained: “Based upon some of the findings from the TEFOS DEWS study, we have created a lens that has both breakthrough comfort and moisture technology. We have the advanced moisture seal technology that really traps the moisture in the lens to make sure that we don’t have any dehydration of the lens over the course of a 14–16-hour day. Then we have a very unique comfort feel technology that releases key ingredients into the tear film over the course of the day as well, allowing for a stable and healthy ocular surface.”

Discussing the aims of the lens, Smith said: “There are fantastic materials available in the marketplace, but we still see a certain level of dropout in the contact lens category. What we are looking for is to allow opticians to be able to fit a lens that their patients are going to feel comfortable in throughout the entire day… It’s that 16 hours of comfort that is one of the key features.”

The new one day silicone hydrogel daily disposable contact lens was introduced in the UK and Ireland in March.