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Creating efficiencies in contact lens fitting

Christina Olner and Sarah Weston at CooperVision UK and Ireland spoke to OT  about the second phase of the contact lens company’s Fresh Thinking campaign at 100% Optical

CooperVision shared its three pillars of contact lens fitting efficiency with OT at 100% Optical.

During the show, the contact lens manufacturer presented Fresh Start, a second phase to its Fresh Thinking campaign, launched in 2023, which involved a survey of 580 eye care professionals and 500 patients.

The project aims to create an industry-wide conversation about the contact lens patient journey.

Christina Olner, optometrist and head of professional affairs at CooperVision UK and Ireland, shared: “We have identified three pillars or areas of the contact lens fitting journey where we can create efficiencies – pre-fit, on the day of the fit, and post-fit.”

Within each of these areas, CooperVision has identified pinch points in the fitting journey, finding that 84% of patients don’t feel confident on the day of their contact lens fit, while more than 80% of patients surveyed didn’t have an application and removal training on the same day as their contact lens fit.

“These are areas that we can, as a profession, work to simplify for our patients to make that journey less laborious, to reduce some of the friction there and support people to move into the contact lens category,” Olner explained.

CooperVision’s stand at 100% Optical featured electronic panels through which delegates could listen to insight from eye care professionals from independent practices or representing national or regional chains.

Olner highlighted: “What we believe is that the journey should be defined by the patient themselves, the needs of the patient, and the location they are being fitted in.”

Rather than suggesting a gold standard patient fitting journey, the CooperVision team shared principles that eye care professionals could apply to their own clinical practice.