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From new monthly and daily disposables to innovative care solutions, OT  takes a look at the latest contact lens products

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Expanded parameters 

CooperVision has expanded the parameters of its MyDay toric contact lens.

The added parameters with plus sphere powers will enable practitioners to fit a larger number of patients with the daily disposable lens, which CooperVision now says has the widest spherical power range of any daily disposable toric lens.

The contact lens is available from +6.00DS to -10.00DS, in 10 axes, across three cylinder powers, and six axes in the highest cylinder power.

Senior marketing manager at CooperVision, Lara Drury, said: “Following a successful launch last year, we are delighted to be able to provide the only daily disposable toric contact lens that goes up to a +6.00DS, allowing more astigmatic patients to benefit from the high performance of MyDay toric.” 

“Offering outstanding comfort, health and vision without compromise, we are committed to providing eye care professionals with the parameters they need to fit even more of their astigmatic patient base,” she added. 

Coopervision MyDay

Precious gemstones

Alcon has added three new colours to its Air Optix Colors collection, which takes its total colour offering to 12. 

The company has launched the Precious Gemstone collection, which features turquoise, amethyst and true sapphire colours. 

Alcon explained that colour is encapsulated within the silicone hydrogel material to enhance comfort for the patient while emphasising the iris. 

The contact lenses are designed to naturally enhance patients’ eyes and help practitioners capitalise on a new revenue stream in the beauty channel, according to the company.

Business unit head of vision care at Alcon, Ray Pasko, said: “The latest colour additions to the collection are a true testament to our ongoing commitment to drive the category forward and create positive patient outcomes.”

“With 87% of consumers already stating that Air Optix Colors contact lenses make them feel beautiful, the new Precious Gemstone collection will be no different, providing patients with more options to create their perfect, natural look,” he added. 

Air Optix image

Presbyopic package

SynergEyes UK has launched a new customisable centre distance contact lens for presbyopic patients as part of its Duette Progressive hybrid range. 
President and chief executive of SynergEyes, optometrist James Kirchner, said: “This exciting lens enables practitioners to have the complete presbyopic package for the entire range of presbyopic needs.”

The contact lens features the company’s FlexOptics technology, which includes an adjustable centre distance zone ranging from 1.8–4.0mm, driven by photopic pupil size, with add powers from +0.75–+5.00D.

SynergEyes explained that the Duette Progressive range offers “uncompromised gas permeable optics with soft skirt comfort for emerging to advanced presbyopia.”

The company said that its Tangible Hydra-PEG coating provides increased lubricity for increased comfort, and SoftCushion Comfort Technology enhances tear exchange and lens movement.

SynergEyes progressive contact lens

Clinical performance

Positive Impact has launched HydraMed eye drops, which are designed to improve dry eye symptoms and contact lens comfort. 

HydraMed restores and retains hydration while also repairing the surface of the eyes to help relieve the sensation of dry eyes. 

The company explained that the eye drops increase ocular comfort for the patient by reducing osmolarity, remaining on the corneal surface for longer and increasing tear break-up times. 

HydraMed is available in a multi-dose pack and re-sealable daily dose vial to help meet different patient needs, Positive Impact said. 

Positive Impact’s director of marketing and professional services, Nick Atkins, said: “As part of Positive Impact’s desire to build a best-in-class dry eye portfolio, we are delighted to add another unique and patented technology to our range.”
Mr Atkins added that he has coordinated studies in the UK into HydraMed’s clinical performance.

The study found that out of 35 contact lens wearers, 64% reported that HydraMed made their dry eye irritations better at the end of the day, with 72% saying they were also better at the start of the day.

HydraMed carton and vials

Maximum moisture 

Menicon has highlighted its range of contact lens care products, which ensures that soft and rigid gas permeable reusable contact lenses are kept in the best possible condition. 

Solocare Aqua is a soft multipurpose solution for all material types, including silicone hydrogel. It combines the company’s HydroLock and MicroBlock technologies to ensure a high standard of hydration and hygiene for patients. 

Progent has been specifically designed for rigid gas permeable contact lens care, and combines protein remover, disinfectant and intensive cleaner into one product. 

Menicon explained that it is designed to be used weekly for patients and is ideal for patients who wear their lenses for long amounts of time.  

MeniCare Pure is an all-in-one rigid gas permeable solution that contains an antimicrobial solution with low toxicity. The disinfectant is combined with a hyaluronic acid to maintain maximum moisture retention. 

Chacha Solo Care MeniSoft

Rapid stabilisation

UltraVision CLPL has launched Avanti, a new monthly disposable contact lens that the company said has a unique design to ensure rapid stabilisation and clear vision.

Avanti uses peripheral balancing zones, which interact with the top and bottom lids, UltraVision CLPL explained. 

The company said: “This interaction creates stabilising forces, which allow the lenses to typically stabilise within 20 seconds and also prevents the lens from mislocation during gaze excursions or excessive movement.”

UltraVision shared that Avanti has a thin design and combines centre near and centre distance designs with additional options to optimise vision for the dominant eye.

It added that the contact lens enables practitioners to be able to offer patients the convenience of a monthly with the flexibility of a custom-made contact lens. 

Avanti Ultravision

Myopia management

Mark’ennovy and the Brien Holden Vision Institute (BHVI) have partnered to launch a new soft contact lens design for myopia management. 

Launching later this year, the contact lens is an individually designed, monthly replacement, soft silicone hydrogel lens.

It is available in mark’ennovy’s signature range of diameters (11.50–16.50) and base curves (6.50–9.80). The lens has a water content of 75% and DK value of 60. 

The partnership follows the 2015 report by the World Health Organisation and BHVI, which found that myopic macular degeneration (MMD) is a concern of patients and practitioners. 

The report stated: “MMD is the most common cause of visual impairment in patients with myopia, as 10% of people with pathologic myopia develop MMD (due to choroidal neovascularisation), which is bilateral in 30% of cases.”

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