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OT  focuses on…ophthalmic lenses

OT  takes a look at the latest innovations in the ophthalmic lens market

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Resin coatings

The Norville Group has launched Reactolite – a resin photochromic ophthalmic lens. 

Available in brown and grey colour options, Norville explained that the lens offers the widest range of photochromic options to match patients’ requirements. 

The lens company has run lifetime cycle tests on Reactolite that have surpassed over 3000 activations. It features a scratch-resistant hard coating and anti-reflection coating.

Operations director at the Norville Group, Sean Donnachie, said: “We now offer a UK produced photochromic solution with our new Reactolite resin coatings application after clear lens production. This gives double side photochromic layers with fast activation and fade back times.”

Reactolite is currently available in two activated options of 15% LTF or 40% LTF. A graduated version will be released “shortly,” Mr Donnachie added. 

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Purest vision

Essilor has launched its Crizal Sapphire UV lens – a lens that the company said has “broken the traditional compromise between anti-reflective performance and UV protection.” 

It offers ESPF 35 protection, and in wearer trials 70% of participants judged it more efficient on reflection than Essilor’s Crizal Forte UV. 

Commercial director at Essilor, Randeep Gill, said: “We are proud that 25 years dedicated to Crizal innovation has led to this point – an anti-reflective lens with the purest vision, best clarity, comfort and aesthetic appeal.”

Essilor also highlighted Crizal Sapphire UV’s aesthetic benefits, such as a more transparent lens that allows the eyes to be more visible at all angles, which the company said photographs better. 

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UV exposure

Transitions Optical has extended its Signature Style Colours collection to its Varilux E and X series. 

The collection includes four style lens colours – amethyst, sapphire, emerald and amber – which adapt from clear to dark when exposed to UV light.  

The lens company explained that the colour options offer patients looking for a prescription lens the opportunity to match the chosen frame with their own style. 

With the expansion into the Varilux E and X series, the lens collection is now available to varifocal and single vision patients.

Category manager at Transitions Optical, Carly Rocyn-Jones, said: “The collection is designed to engage with a younger patient. We think this is a great product to help independent practitioners pull that demographic into practice.”

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Improved perception

Kodak has highlighted its Drive Lens, which provides an all-day lens solution that is ideal for driving.

The lens company explained that with Drive Lens, light sources are seen clearer and reflecting objects keep their sharp contours, which reduces the potential impact on vision when driving.

Managing director at Kodak, Amandine Delmas, said: “Kodak Drive Lens has been specially designed to reduce glare from oncoming vehicles during night time driving. Kodak Drive Lens offers improved colour and contrast perception ensuring a more comfortable experience for wearers.”

Kodak added that the lens also works to reduce reflectance and is twice as effective as a standard reflection-free lens.

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Boost zones

Hoya has launched Sync III, the third generation of the Japanese lens company’s enhanced single vision lenses. 

Sync III is designed to relieve digital eye strain and improve visual comfort for patients throughout the day. 

Hoya said that patients experiencing irritated eyes, blurred vision and headaches as a result of prolonged screen time can benefit from the lens. 

The lens features distance power for everyday use and the choice of three ‘boost zones,’ which Hoya explained help eye muscles to relax and focus more easily. 

Lens expert at Hoya, Maarten Brouwer, said: “These provide accommodative support tailored to the patient’s age, digital device use and severity of digital eye strain symptoms.”

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Supreme aesthetics

Rodenstock has highlighted the combination of its Pro410 material and Solitaire Protect Pro 2 coating.

The German manufacturer explained that Pro410 protects against blue light and provides 100% UV protection, and when combined with Solitaire Protect Pro 2 it offers “extensive light protection and supreme aesthetics.”

The coating provides a 60% improved anti-reflection rate compared to the Solitaire Protect Plus 2, which results in a higher transmission value and benefits spectacle wearers in low-level light conditions, Rodenstock shared.

Aesthetic benefits of Solitaire Protect Pro 2 include keeping the eyes visible through the lenses without any colour changes because of its natural bronze coating.


Colour shift

Nikon’s SeeCoat Bright is the company’s latest clear anti-reflection coating designed for everyday use.

The coating has a brightening layer, which helps to rebalance colour so that reds become brighter, contrast is improved and colour shift is reduced. It also improves vision in dim light conditions at near and far distances.

SeeCoat Bright incorporates Nikon’s SeeCoat family coating technology in hard coat, hydrophobic, oleophobic and anti-static properties. Nikon explained that this provides the wearer with an easy-to-clean lens that is smudge and dust resistance, and includes a scratch warranty.

The lens coating is available across Nikon’s full range of clear lens designs and indices. 

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Artificial light

Shamir has highlighted its Blue Zero lens, which provides protection from high energy visible light, commonly referred to as blue light. 

The lens company said that patients are frequently exposed to the potential harm of artificial light through the use of computer screens, smartphones and tablets.

Explaining the importance of protecting against blue light, Shamir said: “It is imperative that one of our main aims is to provide consumers with the correct eye protection for day-to-day life.”

Through a unique polymer formula, Blue Zero has technology built-in that absorbs blue light while maintaining the performance of the lens. 

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