Sustainability is on the agenda

How much impact can one person have on the future of our planet?


If, like me, you’ve been making more of an effort to cut back on plastic at home, you might have also asked yourself, ‘How much of a difference does my recycling really have?’

Our individual responsibility to be more environmentally friendly is, of course, very important, but who has made more of an impact on the future of our planet than Greta Thunberg?

This week, I’ve been amazed by the global impact that the 16-year-old climate activist has had.

Greta led millions of students across the world in a protest against current environmental policies. Then, during her address at the UN climate action summit in New York, the Swedish teenager accused world leaders of ignoring the science behind the climate crisis.

In the optical industry, Optical Express research has found that over 750m contact lenses are being washed down the drain or thrown into landfill by Brits every year.

In a survey of over 3000 UK contact lens users, the multiple found that 97% are damaging the environment by throwing them down the drain or in the bin, and only 3% of people recycle their lenses.

Sustainability is on the agenda at this weekend’s Silmo in Paris where I’ll be speaking to exhibitors about how they have considered the environment when designing and developing their latest launches.

British eyewear designer Tom Davies will be showcasing his new collection which focuses on positive luxury by implementing a more environmentally friendly production process.

Speaking to OT, Mr Davies explained: “I am proud to announce that I have taken a series of steps to reduce wastage and minimise my company’s environmental impact and, in doing so, strengthen my commitment to the positive luxury movement.”

Sustainability-focused eyewear brand MonkeyGlasses recently launched its autumn/winter 2019 collection. The company has a zero-waste policy and uses recycled paper packaging, biodegradable cotton acetate and recycled steel for its eyewear.

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Image credit: Getty/Planetix