Coloured contours

From camouflage spectacles to dry eye starter packs, OT  takes a look at the latest product launches

Blackfin model

Spectacles: Techno-glamour

Blackfin has launched the Aura collection of beta titanium spectacles with acetate rims.

The Italian eyewear company explained the range takes its core material and illuminates it with colourful cellulose acetate.

CEO of Blackfin, Nicola Del Din, said: “The Aura collection of optical frames takes the concept of cross-contamination to its purest expression, where the elements blend naturally, achieving the perfect balance of techno-glamour that breathes life into true objects of design, in authentic Blackfin style.”

Aura features five styles, including the square-shaped men’s frame ‘Dunkirk’ and the unisex model ‘Palos,’ which is inspired by a pantos shape. Colour options include light tobacco, honey and army green that are paired with black, olive green or metallic blue on the structure of the frame.

Styles for women include ‘Florida Bay,’ which is a round shape and the squared cat’s eye ‘Port Elizabeth’ model (pictured above). Colours include transparent or floral acetate alongside solid colours and gradient styles.

Optical frames that take the concept of cross-contamination to its purest expression

CEO of Blackfin, Nicola Del Din

Spectacles: Camouflage style

Louis Stone has launched its latest 2019 spectacle frame catalogue, which includes 15 new frames.

The eyewear company explained that many styles are made from TR90 and three models feature flexi-sides, with flowery or alphabet patterns available, as well as contrasting colour options.

Louis Stone highlighted the ‘Hi 22’ model, which has a classic front with “a party of colour and pattern at the sides,” while ‘Hi 24’ is available with a blue camouflage pattern on the sides.

Other styles such as ‘Icy 317’ (pictured below) are available in black leopard or fire leopard colour options, which Louis Stone said are “great alternatives suitable for kids, teenagers and adults alike.”

Louis stone glasses

Lenses: Driving vision

Jai Kudo Lenses has launched Drivesense, a range of progressive and single vision lenses for driving during the day and night.

The company, which is part of the Millmead Optical Group, explained that Drivesense lenses have been created specifically to help patient focus their vision inside and outside of the car.

The lenses have a night vision zone, which is designed to reduce fatigue when driving at night, and improved visual fields to widen vision and reduce astigmatism.

Other benefits include faster adaptation, easy focus, greater eye movement and better vision of the dashboard and car mirrors.

Jai Judo Lenses shared that night myopia affects one out of three people, which makes it difficult to see distant objects at night. It highlighted that Drivesense lenses address this problem.

couple driving

Spectacles: Full rim

Silhouette has launched the Dynamics Colourwave Accent Rings collection (pictured below), which is made up of the Core and Highlight ranges.

The eyewear company explained that the collection combines a full rim aesthetic with the qualities of the brand’s rimless frames.

Styles have been designed with a rimless frame in order to provide a lightweight and flexible model, which is wrapped in coloured contours.

The Core range is made up of 10 new frames including four for men and four for women, plus two unisex shapes.

Women’s styles include cat’s eye, butterfly and classic oval shapes while men’s frames include a soft rectangular shape and a classic square model.

The Highlight range includes four frames for women with colour options such as rose gold and mauve or bronze and burgundy.

Silhouette model

Point of sale: Starter pack

Grafton Optical has launched the I-Med Pharma dry eye starter pack.

The pack includes a point of sale display unit and product literature, alongside its range of dry eye products such as I-Lid n Lash wipes, I-Drop PUR and I-Relief hot and cold therapy mask.

The point of sale unit is 28x21x44cm so that it can fit on shop units or next to the till in order to maximise exposure to patients. It also includes re-order forms enabling practitioners to re-stock quickly.

The I-Lid n Lash ocular hygiene range is formulated with sodium hyaluronate and tea tree oil and has been designed for patients living with dry eye disease and other ocular conditions.

I-Drop PUR and Gel Viscoadaptive Tears is a solution of hyaluronic acid, which provides long-lasting relief for patients, Grafton Optical explained.

Grafton Optical said that its I-Relief mask is designed to relieve symptoms associated with blepharitis, dry eye disease and meibomian gland dysfunction.

starter pack

Spectacles: Anniversary range

MonkeyGlasses is celebrating its 10th anniversary with the launch of its autumn/winter 2019 collection – Courage (pictured below).

The eyewear company explained that it is proud of its achievements over the past decade and has embraced its own courage of committing to environmentally-friendly practices.

MonkeyGlasses has a zero-waste policy and uses recycled paper packaging, biodegradable cotton acetate and recycled steel for its eyewear.

Co-owner of MonkeyGlasses, Mai-Britt Seaton, said: “Having the courage to show who you are is scarce and special. At MonkeyGlasses, we believe that the real heroes are those who are not afraid to be themselves. We therefore dedicate this anniversary collection to all of you who have the inner strength to be who you are and feel proud for your choices.”

The collection is inspired by the etymology of ‘courage,’ which originated from Latin and denoted the heart as a set of feelings, MonkeyGlasses explained.

The Courage collection celebrates honesty and openness of speaking from the heart about fears and feelings.


Sunglasses: Ultra-polarised

Lenstec Optical Group has launched INVU Easyfit sunglasses.

The frames are designed to fit over the wearer’s spectacles and are available in a wide range of shapes.

Lenstec Optical Group explained that Easyfit are not designed to replace sunglasses but present an additional sales opportunity for practice owners.

It said that in many situations where the light is changing frequently, such as driving, it is easier and safer for people to put an Easyfit frame on rather than switching between sunglasses and spectacles.

Easyfit was designed in Switzerland with an ultra-polarised lens, which eliminates glare from the windscreen and the road.