Singing about success

It is the time of year to take stock – and remember to celebrate our achievements

Women at christmas

We are now firmly in familiar festive-milestones territory. The Christmas tree at work has been erected and decorated, the Secret Santa staff draw has been made, and festive jumpers are now being extricated from the back of cupboards in preparation for next Friday.

It is also the time to reflect on career goals that were set at the start of the year. What objectives have been ticked off the list, and which items could benefit from a final push?

One area I was keen to finesse in 2017 was my project management skills, and last month I attended a professional development workshop with my colleagues to expand our collective knowledge.

Being a secret junkie for theory, and, I will admit, business jargon, the talk of ‘force field analysis’ and ‘six thinking hats’ ensured I was satisfied. 

But, along with valuable tips on project management methodology, one simple lesson that I was struck by was the course leader’s message that, at the end of the project, it is important to “take time to celebrate the success.”

Obvious of course – but how often does that happen? On reflection, I can think of occasions where, having completed one project, the instinct is to jump on to the next goal, without taking a moment to appreciate what has just been achieved.

Last night at the Ophthalmology Honours, hosted by Bayer, I had the pleasure to meet multi-displinary teams carrying out outstanding work across the UK.

The awards successfully highlight pioneering initiatives – and the individuals behind these projects.

Congratulations go to Rasmeet Chadha, senior optometrist and deputy head of optometry at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, who won the prize for ‘Outstanding Allied Health Professional.’ The judges noted that Ms Chadha’s ‘determination has garnered high national engagement and local involvement.’ 

Specialist optometrist at Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust, Kieran Loft, received a ‘highly commended’ in the same category in recognition of his committed work as a charity volunteer. 

Another team celebrating was Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, who won ‘Best Ophthalmology Service Improvement.’ Highlighting how the Trust’s growing intravitreal service has welcomed hospital optometrists into the medical retina team, the judges noted that the initiative ‘could, and should, be replicated in other centres across the UK.’

Next month OT will be reporting from the AOP Awards, hosted at ExCeL alongside 100% Optical.

Voting closes for the shortlisted candidates on 12 December. If you have not done so already, please take the opportunity to read the nominees’ profiles and vote for your winners. It promises to be a special night, and a perfect opportunity to celebrate optical achievements that, too-often, remain unsung.