Technology 101

What an ever-evolving and fast-moving world we live in when it comes to technology


I grew up in an era where the iPhone and tablet device were yet to be invented. It was VHS and music tapes all the way. In fact, I only began to learn about what the internet was and the possibilities that it held during a year nine IT class.

I also still remember the joy I felt at the age of 15 when I was given my first mobile phone – it was a Nokia the size of most portable house phones, almost, and came with changeable colour covers. Yet my siblings who are growing up a decade or so behind me will never know what life without these things is like. 

Over recent years, technology developments have not slowed, if anything they have reached warp speed – it feels like a new smart gadget is reaching the market every month. As a sector, optometry has not escaped these technological advancements – from OCT and fundus photography, to video recording specs and medicating contact lenses the possibilities are endless. 

Therefore, when the OT team caught up yesterday to discuss what stories have been well-received on our website this past week, it came as no surprise that top of the list were a trio of technology-led articles. Covering developments from the manufacturer to the shop floor, technological advancements are what you have been clicking on.

In reverse order, first there was Essilor’s £500,000 investment in new edging technology that will positively impact on its sustainability credentials. Then there was the “brain-sensing eyewear platform,” SafiloX. These sunglasses have five tiny sensors integrated into the frame which can measure the electrical waves coming from the wearer’s brain and eyes. This information can then be transferred to a smartphone app and used for a range of purposes, from relaxation exercises to training to help improve cognitive skills.  

Finally, what really sparked your interest was the work of an opticians that is branching into 3D technology in a bid to develop personalised eyewear that fits a patient’s individual requirements. Today, OT spoke to the owner of that independent opticians to find out more about the business benefits of this concept. Read more in OT soon…