Oldies but goodies rolled in with new solutions

What new developments will be on the horizon next week?


As you get older, as well as accumulating the wisdom that is said to come with each birthday, you begin to realise that if you wait long enough, everything comes back around.

From aviator sunglasses and round spectacles, to vinyl records, and cords and flared jeans (if only my 14-year-old self knew to store them away for safe keeping).

In addition to eventually returning to those oldies but goodies, brand new trends and solutions emerge too, in fashion as well as in tech.

An avid reader as a child, the latest Goosebumps instalment was always my activity of choice during weekend road trips with my parents. However, like many backseat passengers, the motion of the car while reading has never sat too well. So, when I read this week about some anti-motion travel sickness goggles that have been developed by Citroen I was intrigued.

In short, the goggles feature patented ring technology that surrounds the eyes and the side of the head. It contains coloured liquid that simulates the horizon.

In other developments this week, there appears to be a number of new solutions highlighted in the research realm. A new technique is being developed by researchers in the US that could one day be used as a non-invasive alternative to laser eye surgery, while a study by the College of Optometrists has identified a simple visual recognition test that could help screen for dementia with visual symptoms.

As with all new solutions, research takes time, funding and dedication – I always look forward to learning what new developments each week will bring. 

Image credit: Getty