Going live

Live events never lose their appeal, from BBC Proms to 100% Optical

BBC Proms

In recent years I have become something of a regular visitor to the BBC Proms two-month-long festival

In truth, physical attendance is far from a prerequisite to experience the music on offer – in our digital-obsessed age, I only need to open my iPlayer app and I can listen to over 60 concerts spanning back over 30 days from the comfort of my kitchen table.

Yes, the concerts have a fuddy-duddy reputation, and the overtop location at the Royal Albert Hall with its quirky acoustics is rather pompous and grandiose. And yes, I could do without an audience collectively fiddling with their phones (or iWatch in the case of the gentleman sat beside me last night).

But there is no doubt that both hearing and, perhaps just as importantly, seeing a 120-person orchestra in full flow makes for a memorable experience – and reiterates the timeless appeal of live events.

One tradeshow that knows and values the importance of the live experience, and has a sense of style and occasion, is 100% Optical.

OT has been finding out what highlights attendees can expect in 2017, and talking to exhibitors excited about the opportunity to showcase their latest products and services. 

Zeiss UK, a company that has exhibited at the show from day one, told us that it is already well ahead with its planning. "With the success of our ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions at the show this year, we will be bringing even more free education to delegates next year, along with the latest technology that Zeiss has to offer.” A mouth watering offer indeed.

A rich and stimulating education programme is now a hallmark of 100% Optical’s success, and the AOP education team, led by OT’s clinical editor Ian Beasley, has been lining up another stellar cast of keynote speakers, with a bevvy of CET points to match.

Registration for the event, which takes place on 4–6 February at London’s ExCeL, opens next week.

Image credit: Rachael Darmanin