Buying online safely

Eye Care Essentials campaign - lenses

Buying prescription glasses and contact lenses online

How to manage the risks and what to look out for when buying your prescription eyewear online
Contact lens

It’s hard to tell the difference online - know your lenses video

Optometrist Henry Leonard discusses illegal supply of contact lenses in the UK and why we always recommend seeing an eyecare professional

Caring for your eyes


Contact lens advice

Practical advice for soft and rigid lens wearers; members can download patient leaflets and top tips video for use in practice

Sight test explained

Find out why regular sight tests are important in our short animated video and patient leaflet
Woman looking in the mirror

Your prescription explained

Help understanding your refractive error prescription
Optometrist examining patients' eyes with optometer

Find an optometrist

Resources to help you access eyecare during the coronavirus outbreak
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AOP member?

We’ve created resources for your practice and website to highlight the benefits of visiting an eyecare professional and the risks of buying eyewear online

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