Manchester optical practice celebrates Pride 2022 with tribute to World War II code-breaker Alan Turing

Marking 50 years of Pride in the UK, Framed Opticians Manchester launches new window display

Pride 2022 reaches a special milestone this month, marking 50 years since the first Pride event was held in the UK.  

As cities and towns across the UK come together to celebrate in this landmark year, Framed Opticians Manchester have gone the extra mile in promoting inclusion on the High Street – launching a new window display of renowned mathematician and World War II code-breaker, Alan Turing.

Often dubbed the ‘father of modern computing’, Turing is most famous for his crucial work in breaking the Enigma code, but many will also be aware of the horrific discrimination he faced in later life for his sexuality.

Explaining the inspiration behind the display, practice owner and optometrist, Peter Sunderland said: “We always make sure we have a bright and eye-catching window display for Pride – it brings a sense of togetherness. Shop windows are, and always have been a great way of sending out a message. Usually, it’s about the products businesses sell but if you can entertain and delight with window art, even better.” 

“We work with the window artist Lobster House Studios. We start with a concept, and she creates these wonderful designs – Turing’s story and connections to Manchester make it so relevant.”

Framed Opticians prides itself on being an LGBTQ+ friendly practice. Reflecting on the important message behind the parades, Mr Sunderland said: “We believe everybody should be accepted for who they are, and that goes way beyond gender and sexuality. Discrimination of any kind is really unjust, and businesses large and small have a responsibility to level the playing field.”

“I have never faced discrimination in the workplace on the grounds on my sexuality, but I have witnessed a younger Optical Assistant being singled out by a patient who said he did not want a ‘gay man’ to perform his pre-screening assessments. This kind of behaviour cannot be left unchallenged. As the “professional” or the owner or person of responsibility, we have a duty to address discrimination whenever and wherever we see it. I will not tolerate it: my colleagues and my own happiness and mental health is so much more important than any lost sales.” 

The Association of Optometrists represent 82% of UK optometrists like Mr Sunderland. Earlier this year, the Association launched its 100% Respect campaign against discrimination in the sector. 

Adam Sampson, Chief Executive at the Association of Optometrists said: “The stark reality is that, for many eye care professionals across the UK, discrimination at work is a problem, and this needs to be tackled head on. Eye care practitioners should be able to do their job and focus on caring for patients without having to face or worry about abuse and discrimination. It is simply unacceptable that we’re hearing these kinds of experiences and is clearly not an issue that is going away without decisive action. We have a duty of care to address the problem for those who have or are currently experiencing discrimination at work, so these behaviours and cultures do not continue.”

As a part of the campaign, the Association offers a range of anti-discrimination resources to display in store to help create respectful and inclusive optical practices for patients and staff,

This year’s Manchester Pride will take place from 26–29 August.   


Hi-res images of the window display are available from this DropBox folder

For more information, please contact Serena Box, PR and Media Manager, at the Association of Optometrists, [email protected] or telephone 020 7549 2040.

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