New AOP Instagram account launches

Join our Instagram community today for our latest news, campaigns and support

We’ve launched our new Instagram account – sharing the latest new member benefits, our public eye health campaigns, and expert guidance for student, pre-reg and practising members.

This new channel will join our Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts, offering members new ways to find our content and engage with support and services.

Follow us to find daily content on the channel covering the latest:

  • New member benefits
  • Expert guidance for student, pre-reg and practising members
  • Patient resources
  • Updates on our policy work
  • Public eye health campaigns
  • CPD events and webinars

We recently invited AOP Councillors and staff to introduce themselves on Instagram too so over the coming weeks and months, you can get to know us a bit better.

In addition, the account will share our latest public eye health campaigns; including Don’t swerve a sight test, Know your lenses, A B See and new campaigns in 2022.

Members should also look out for our polls and prize draws. We look forward to seeing you there.