Moorfields launches UAE genetic testing

Two siblings with retinal dystrophy have become the first patients to be tested through a pioneering service run by Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai


A pair of young siblings have become the first patients to receive genetic testing through a new service offered by Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai.

Mohammed, nine, and Eryam, 11, who both have early onset severe retinal dystrophy, will undertake a genetic test called Oculome that screens more than 450 known eye disease causing genes, including 240 which are specifically related to retinal disease.

The test will be performed by consultant ophthalmologist, Dr Mariya Moosajee.

Dr Moosajee said the test was an important step towards providing genetic therapies for Moorfields patients in the UAE.

“Our first experience in consulting with prospective patients has been very positive and confirmed that there is certainly a need and a demand from the region for genetic services,” she emphasised.