Young museum-goers ask the big questions

Scientists fielded queries from ‘Is the eye squishy?’ to ‘Why can’t we see UV light?’ at the Science of Sight exhibition in London


Members of the public had the chance to learn about vision from leading researchers through the Science of Sight exhibition in London (Science Museum, 8–10 August).

Moorfields Eye Hospital consultant ophthalmologist, Dr Mariya Moosajee, and University College London (UCL) lecturer, Dr Adam Dubis, were on hand to explain their research and the intricacies of vision science.

Dr Dubis told OT  that he enjoyed fostering a sense of curiosity in the young children who came to see the exhibition.

“It’s been a really great experience working with these kids and answering their questions – whatever they may be, from ‘Is the eye squishy?’ to ‘Why can’t we see UV light?’,” Dr Dubis shared.

The UCL lecturer added that although there were many children who already interested in science, it was rewarding to be able to show those who were initially less enthusiastic that science can be fun.

“I think the best part of being here is the ones where mum or dad drag them up and they don’t really want to say anything, but by the end they are playing with all the toys and really engaging with it,” Dr Dubis said.

Tactile artworks were on display at the exhibition from Moorfields Eye Hospital’s BlindArt collection, which both sighted and sight-impaired individuals can enjoy.

Dr Moosajee told OT that the atmosphere at the exhibition was “amazing.”

“We have had groups of kids sitting around the tables listening to us…If I can teach them one thing, and they take that one thing home with them, potentially it inspires them to become the next generation of scientists and clinicians,” she highlighted.