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On stage at 100% Optical: Life at the receiving end of referrals – hospital optometry

Christine Purslow, clinical director of outpatients at SpaMedica, will open a window into referrals for cataract surgery at 100% Optical

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Could you give us an insight into the topic your session will cover?

I will be providing attendees a unique window into the world of secondary eye care and hospital optometry, following the referrals for the most common elective procedure done in the NHS today - cataract surgery. The idea is to explore and highlight the relevant ocular and patient characteristics that are particularly impactful for surgical planning – attendees may be surprised by some of them, and will be able to refresh their knowledge on others. Along the way, the role of a modern hospital optometrist in this speciality will also be demonstrated.

What are some of the key messages you wish to highlight?

That the holistic consideration of patients is so important for the best surgical outcomes, and that today’s optometrists have many more choices about how they practise and what skills they develop.

Who is this topic for? Who might benefit the most from joining?

This is for anyone curious about two things: am I making the best referrals for cataract surgery, and what happens at that pre-assessment visit with the optometrist?

What do you hope the top takeaway will be for attendees?

I would like attendees to go away thinking that they understand more about what details make the best referrals for cataract surgery, and that they can work in partnership with the hospital optometrist to give the best care for their shared patient.

2024 marks 10 years of 100% Optical. How do you feel about being part of a milestone year for the optical show?

I recall when 100% Optical started out and the competition in the sector was pretty fierce, so to have witnessed its growth to become the major trade event and now the major CPD event is impressive for sure – I am happy to be part of the journey too.

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