100% Optical

Further capacity released for 100% Optical education

Due to high levels of popularity, additional capacity has been made available for sessions at the 10th anniversary show

A woman presents a seminar style session in the AOP Lounge at 100% Optical 
100% Optical

The organisers of 100% Optical have released additional capacity for the education programme, delivered in partnership with the AOP.

An update to the website said that additional capacity was being released for the continuing professional education (CPD) sessions due to high levels of popularity.

All education in the CPD programme is now live on the 100% Optical website which can be filtered for availability.  

Additional capacity has been reserved for walk-in spaces at the show, available on a first-come first-served basis.

Speaking about the education programme for 2024, Dr Ian Beasley, head of education for the AOP and OT clinical editor, said: “The delivery of the contemporary programme of education at 100% Optical keeps pace with the needs of practitioners in the face of changing technology and regulations.”

Read more about key topics in the programme here.

2024 marks the final year of the CPD cycle, with 100% Optical offering an opportunity to develop knowledge in key areas and enhance learning.

Register for the show and book education online. Due to popular demand, as the event approaches, readers are encouraged to review and cancel any education sessions that no longer fit in with their plans for the show, in order to release capacity for others to attend.