100% Optical

A fresh new look

OT  spoke to event organisers about the show’s new look, early plans for the 2023 event, and sustainable aims

The ninth edition of 100% Optical will bear a brand new look, as event organisers prepare for the 2023 optical trade show, due to be held from 25–27 February.

“We’re freshening up the look and feel of the show with a new forward-looking and bright creative,” explained show director, Nathan Garnett.

Registration for 100% Optical, which will be held at ExCeL London, has now opened.

Reflecting on the 2022 show, Garnett told OT: “The feedback from delegates was amazing. It set a really high benchmark for us to beat next year, but we’ve got ideas about how we’re going to do that.”

The floorplan is already 80% full, with a number of new and returning exhibitors planning to bring exciting launches to the show.

“Perhaps the biggest thing that came from our research with delegates was that they are keen to see more ophthalmology content,” Garnett shared. “That’s something we suspected might be the case and now we have evidence for it, so that will feature more heavily in the event next year.”

Event organisers are also considering how they can present more business-related advice and content through the show.

“That might be around tax, marketing, merchandising, or the technology that can help businesses now,” Garnett said. “Hopefully visitors coming back next year will see an even greater depth of content on offer, as well as exhibitors.”

Dr Ian Beasley, AOP head of education and OT clinical editor, said: “We look forward to welcoming members to 100% Optical 2023, with plans well underway for an extensive education programme designed by the AOP to keep delegates up to date on emerging areas of clinical practice.”

“The programme will be catered to the continuing professional development (CPD) requirements of all practitioners and will provide the ideal opportunity for members to work towards their personal development plan,” he added.

In the meantime, Beasley reminded members to ensure they have earnt the minimum six CPD points required for the first year of the cycle and uploaded evidence of completion to their MyGOC. He added: “Members can visit the AOP’s events page, or OT’s active CPD exams for opportunities to participate in education.”

Sustainability at 100% Optical

Making improvements in sustainability, waste production, and carbon emissions, requires change in all areas. As part of this issue’s sustainability focus OT looked at some of the ways event organisers consider the environment when planning the optical trade show.

The show

“Every year we look at what we can do that is more efficient and sustainable,” Garnett told OT.

In 2022, 100% Optical introduced a digital show guide, reducing the amount of printing required for the event. Many of the stands and features of the show are built from modular aluminium systems that can be reused. Event organisers also consider how furnishings such as carpets can be recycled or reused.

The recently-opened Elizabeth Line is also set to have a tangible effect for reducing the impact of travelling to the show. The line will see high-frequency services providing shorter journeys across the capital, making it easier for delegates to get to the venue through public transport.

The 2022 show saw a growth in the number of companies promoting biodegradable, recyclable, or regenerative products and processes.

Garnett suggested: “I think that’s only going to go up. That’s exciting, because everyone is going in the same direction.”

The venue

As an exhibition centre, ExCeL London has a number of initiatives to reduce its impact on the planet, recently earning the Triple Crown of Sustainability Award.

Natalie Sykes, ExCeL London’s sustainability manager, told OT: “As well as supporting five local charities, we have undertaken initiatives such as signing up to the Net Zero Carbon Events Pledge, committing us to achieve a 50% reduction in emissions by 2030.

“What’s more, all our electricity is 100% renewable, we have a zero-waste to landfill policy and even house the largest UK wormery, recycling leftover food products into fertiliser.

“Our vision is to be a sustainability leader within our industry,” Sykes said, as well as inspiring others to “play their part.”