Social media in optical practice at 100% Optical

Ian Davis encouraged optometrists and business owners to think about why and how they use social media in practice

Ian at 100% Optical

Managing director of IansEyes Ltd, Ian Davis, discussed Social media in optical practice in his presentation at 100% Optical (London ExCel, 23-25 April).

Davis offered an overview for optical practices about how to make the right choices when considering launching a social media page to promote their practice, and how optical practices can use social media to target their patients and get the most out of these marketing tools.

He encouraged business owners to carefully think about what social media platforms they decide to launch and whether the patient group they are looking to target is present on those platforms, commenting that “a page is only as good as the people that use it.”

The presentation at 100% Optical also offered attendees a look into the wider social media landscape, discussing how each platform works, alongside a comparative audit analysis of two optical businesses.

Davis outlined a few key starting points on how to integrate social media in practice, including creating a social media audit, conducting a comparative analysis, aligning with business needs, practical planning, and assessment and measurement.

Following these processes, Davis suggests, puts business owners in a good position to assess and ask, “is it worth it?”

Davis also suggested looking into and connecting with local community group pages. He talked about the importance of using industry specific hashtags to increase visibility, and looking at follower to following ratios.

He also suggested having “someone in your team responsible for social media and posting” but emphasised that it’s important to have “a framework in what you can talk about and what you can’t.”

For more information on how to harness the potential of social media to foster engagement with existing patients and reach new audiences, read OT’s practice team guide: Social media: steps to success.