Optometry Today  and Optocoach social media giveaway

The two have joined forces to launch an Instagram giveaway to support and celebrate the optical industry

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Optometry Today and Optocoach have joined forces to launch an Instagram giveaway on OT’s Instagram page.

It’s been a challenging few months since the outbreak of COVID-19 and many optical professionals and practices have felt the effects of the lockdown. Many have experienced a roller-coaster of emotions and scenarios since the start of the pandemic.

Speaking to OT Atique Rana, optometrist and founder of Optocoach, commented that “COVID-19 has created unprecedented challenges across many professions, including the optical community. Many optical practices have continued to provide urgent and essential eye care with adapted routines throughout the pandemic. The uncertainty and unfamiliarity has reshaped existing ways of working without any compromise in patient care.”

He added: “Pre-registration optometrist trainees have observed delays and changes in the delivery of their assessments to ensure the safety of all parties. The pandemic has undoubtedly affected all individuals irrespective of their career stage.”

For these reasons, OT and Optocoach want to celebrate and give back to the optical community by giving practitioners, students or optical team members the chance to win something that could benefit them and their patients in the future.

The prizes include a 90D Volk lens and a One-to-One Mock OSCE course designed, delivered and tailored for pre-reg optometrist trainees by Optocoach.

Mr Rana acknowledges that the “progression from a university student to a professional optometrist is arguably one of the most challenging transitions trainees will encounter during the course of their professional career.” As a part of the giveaway, the One-to-One Mock OSCE course will help prepare pre-reg optometrists in their career journey during these difficult times.

OT asks readers to enter via our official Instagram page @optometry_today and nominate someone they believe has gone above and beyond their work or study duties. This is your chance to nominate someone you really feel could benefit or deserves one of these prizes.

The competition is open to all UK based optometrists, pre-regs, optometry students and optical team members.

The giveaway closes Monday 28 September so make sure you submit your entry and nomination in the comments section under the Instagram post.