Moorfields hosts pre-reg course

A two-day course was hosted by the hospital’s senior optometrists, who shared tips and techniques for pre-regs preparing for their Stage 2 visits

Moorfields Eye Hospital

Moorfields Eye Hospital hosted an interactive course for hospital and community-based pre-registration optometrists on 13–14 March.

Designed for pre-regs preparing for their Stage 2 visit, the course featured lectures, peer review discussion and case reviews delivered by the hospital’s senior optometrists.

Speaking about the course, senior optometrist and course leader at Moorfields, Daniel Goh, said: “Developed not only to prepare for Stage 2 and final OSCEs but also to pass on insight and knowledge from experienced hospital clinicians, this course should set those early on in their career on the right path clinically.”

“We hope we were able to inspire delegates to pursue careers in the hospital eye service,” he added.

It is the third time the course has run, which covered topics such as record keeping, testing children with learning difficulties and people living with dementia, as well as common ocular conditions.

Exam tips and techniques were also shared, as well as advice on soft, rigid gas permeable and complex contact lens fits.

To find out more, visit the Moorfields website.