OutsideClinic completes head office relocation

The new site will house all head office departments and serve as a key location for training and development

OutsideClinic group photo

OutsideClinic has relocated its headquarters to a new facility what the provider of home-based eye and hearing care services has called a “major milestone.”

The relocation to the site in South Marston, Swindon, was completed over the Easter bank holiday and the new head office opened to colleagues on Tuesday 11 April.

More than 200 colleagues have relocated to the new location, which houses all head office departments and will serve as a key location for the training and development of optometrists and audiologists who join the business.

The 22,000 square foot site is located close to the A419 with access to major transport links, which the company suggests will widen job opportunities within the head office to a broader geographical area and pool of candidates, and will also make it easier for mobile colleagues to visit head office when necessary.

OutsideClinic reception area
OutsideClinic's reception area
OutsideClinic said it has invested in creating a “workspace that provides the latest technology, comfort and inspiration to support colleague productivity and wellbeing.”

The open-plan office also has dedicated spaces for wellbeing and training as well as a kitchen and break-out areas.

OutsideClinic is in the process of onboarding a new electric fleet to replace its existing vehicles and the new headquarters has been equipped with electric charging points.

The company explained: “The new electric fleet will enable OutsideClinic to provide its services in a more environmentally-friendly manner.”

Michelle Peel, joint venture partnerships director at OutsideClinic, said: “The completion of our move to the new head office is a major milestone for OutsideClinic and represents the company’s continued growth and success.”

“Our commitment to providing colleagues with the best possible working conditions has been realised through this investment, and we are confident that the new head office will play a key role in creating a healthy workplace that supports every employee’s physical, mental and social wellbeing,” Peel continued.

The relocation of OutsideClinic follows a recent rebrand, designed to better represent the company.