DVLA updates notifiable eye conditions list

The changes were made after concerns were raised over the conditions included in the extended list and following a consultation with the AOP

person driving a car
Getty/John Lamb

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has updated its list of notifiable eye conditions following feedback from the AOP.

Concerns were raised earlier this month over the extended list, which highlights the conditions that patients must declare to the DVLA, and which the AOP warned could apply to “almost every driver who receives a sight test.”

Following a review, the list has now been updated. Key conditions removed from the list include: blurred vision affecting one eye, drusen, cataract and nuclear sclerosis, cupped optic discs, and high myopia.

Speaking to OT, Dr Peter Hampson, clinical and professional director for the AOP, explained: “Following the AOP-led work on this and after recent consultation with the policy team at the DVLA, we are pleased to see this list has been updated, taking on board the vast majority of our suggestions.”

There is still scope for further refinement, the AOP has highlighted however, with Hampson adding: “In our opinion there are still a few areas where this list could be improved further and we will continue to work on those areas with the DVLA policy team.”

The updated guidance of notifiable eye conditions for car or motorcycle licence holders includes 10 conditions where they affect one eye and 47 conditions where they affect both eyes. This is compared to the previous guidance which, according to a capture of the website from late September, listed 23 and 90 conditions respectively.