DVLA to review notifiable eye conditions list

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency told the AOP it has put steps in place to remove the list in order to carry out a review

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Pexels/Mike B

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has confirmed it will review its list of notifiable eye conditions following concerns highlighted by the AOP.

The concerns were raised yesterday (6 October) in regards to the DVLA’s extended list of eye conditions that must be declared by drivers.

The AOP wrote to the DVLA calling for an urgent review, highlighting that “if the current guidance remains in place, almost every driver who receives a sight test will need to be advised to notify the DVLA.”

In a response to the AOP, a DVLA spokesperson has said: “After careful consideration, we have put steps in place to remove the list of eyesight conditions on GOV.UK, so that we can review whether it is appropriate for drivers to notify DVLA of certain eyesight conditions.” 

The DVLA noted that this would be enacted “imminently,” adding that the agency intends to consult with the Secretary of State’s Medical Advisory Panel on visual disorders and driving in the coming weeks.

The agency also said that it “welcomed the opportunity” to work with the AOP to further refine the list.

In response to the decision, AOP chief executive, Adam Sampson, said: “It is right that the DVLA has listened and responded to the serious concerns we raised.”

“We have extended an offer to work with the DVLA to utilise the skills available in optometry to deliver an improved service for patients,” he added.