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AOP insight: new FAQs for pre-registration optometrists

OT  hears more about a new resource covering the questions most commonly received by the AOP’s legal and regulatory team about pre-registration

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Legal and regulatory: Roshni Kanabar, clinical adviser

What is the new resource for pre-registration optometrists and what does it cover?

We have put together a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) for pre-registration students and some guidance for supervisors. The guidance mainly covers obligations on the Scheme for Registration, the new rules on supervision, extending or restarting the scheme and applying for reasonable adjustments, as well as examination and employment support and some general guidance.

Why did the team put this together?

We decided to put the FAQ together as we felt the previous guidance for pre-registration optometrists on our website was a little outdated and we had noticed a trend of common enquiries. We felt this guidance would allow members to have their questions answered quickly without having to contact us, but would also serve as a webpage that we could direct members to.

How do you hope this will help student and pre-reg members?

We feel this will help pre-registration optometrists and students to have their enquiries answered quicker. Having the information all on one page and sectioned into types of question makes the information easy to read and more accessible.

What does the guidance provide for supervisors?

There were some new rules on supervision released by the College of Optometrists and our guidance for supervisors helps to explain what these are. The pre-reg FAQs are also useful for supervisors, so they can understand the requirements of their trainee.

How do you see this being used?

We envision this being used as a tool that can be referred to regularly. The questions include those commonly asked at different stages of the pre-reg, and so although one question may not be relevant for the trainee or supervisor at that particular time, they will know where to come if they have any further enquiries at a different stage of the training scheme.

Any other reminders for pre-reg readers?

Although our guidance answers the frequently asked questions, members can always contact us if there is anything further that they need, especially if they need support with appealing, restarting, or extending the scheme.

Find the FAQs and more guidance for pre-reg optometrists on the AOP website.