World Menopause Day: AOP reveals new member resources

The online resources include explanations, tips, and advice for members affected by the menopause and practices seeking to support their staff

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As part of World Menopause Day on 18 October, the AOP has launched a suite of new resources to support members affected by the menopause, and practices seeking to aid employees in this area. 

The online resources include advice on understanding the menopause, as well as tips for navigating the effects before, during, and after the menopause.

The AOP has recently launched a template menopause policy for employer members, which aims to raise awareness of the menopause and encourage open conversations.

The AOP explained its commitment to supporting “members affected by the menopause, as well as practices that are committed to looking after staff,” and highlighted that the effects of the menopause “are wide-ranging.”

The online resources include an introduction to menopause, explaining what the menopause is and its common symptoms, as well as suggestions for how individuals can support themselves before and during the menopause.

Advice also explores how to manage menopause in the workplace, with tips for employees and recommendations for how employers can help, such as implementing a menopause policy or becoming an accredited menopause-friendly employer.

On the launch of the new resources, Wendy Steele, AOP commercial director, said: “Menopause is not just an issue that is of concern to women – everyone should have an awareness of what it is and how it can affect a person, both personally and professionally.”

Steele highlighted that all women will experience the menopause at some stage in their lives, and that it can also affect trans and non-binary people.

“The purpose of these resources is not only to raise awareness but also help our members feel comfortable and confident in speaking about their experience, enabling open conversations about the menopause and its impact,” she continued.

AOP members can find the new menopause resources on the AOP website.