CET claims window opens in England

Claims can now be lodged online for a Continuing Education and Training allowance

Steve Buissinne
Applications for the Continuing Education and Training (CET) allowance in England can now be lodged after the claims window opened on 1 August.

The AOP has updated its CET claims guidance page in light of a new process that will be applied in England during the claims period, which lasts until 30 November.

The process is now entirely online, with postal forms not accepted. Applicants will need to be registered in the correct role through Primary Care Services England’s website.

Applicants must claim for the allowance through a contractor, with employees expected to apply through their employer while locums are advised to apply through a contractor they work for.

To be eligible to claim the CET allowance, applicants must have been on the relevant ophthalmic list for at least six months, have undertaken General Optical Council-approved CET, and performed primary ophthalmic services under a General Ophthalmic Services contract.

The rules for Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales have not been finalised yet. The AOP intends on publishing information on how to claim the grant in these countries as it becomes available.