20/20 is a good year for eye health

Why using the 20/20 vision theme is an opportunity to promote eye health from the AOP’s Serena Box


From 1 January, many of us will make a brave attempt to shun bad habits in a bid for a fresh, healthier start to the New Year. For most, this will involve some kind of health kick. The classics – dieting, exercise, quitting smoking – always make the public’s top 10, but how about putting eye health on their list?

Creating better public understanding of eye health and optometry is always a priority for the AOP and this year is no different – except that 2020 presents an opportunity to jump-start the campaign calendar.

Taking the theme of 20/20 vision, the AOP has devised a light-hearted campaign encouraging the public to make eye health their New Year’s resolution.

Of course, to many of you, the US term has no place in a UK sight test, but to the public 20/20 is synonymous with perfect vision. With that in mind, we’re using it as a springboard to go out to the media for the customary New Year health features – explaining why regular sight tests is one resolution they can make and keep.

For the campaign, we’ve produced a poster, which is included in the January of OT for all practising members (landing on 2 January), to display in practice or your local GP or dental surgery, along with new patient leaflets on who is eligible for an NHS-funded sight test in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and social media graphics.

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The 20/20 eye health campaign is just one of the AOP’s public engagement initiatives this year. Look out for our Voice of Optometry survey, launching at the end of January, to make sure your views are represented in our future campaigns.

Serena Box is PR and media manager at the AOP. 

Image credit: Getty/Lasagnaforone