Hakim Group hosts second Irish retreat

The retreat was held at Killary Lodge, Connemara, and focused on the ‘Soul of leadership’ 

Attendees are seated outside in a group and are smiling towards the camera
Hakim Group

The Hakim Group held its second retreat for practitioners in Ireland from 23–25 February.

The retreat, themed around the ‘Soul of leadership,’ was held at Killary Lodge in Connemara and was hosted by optometrist and Hakim Group practice director, Clodagh McGovern.

The event focused on the value of gaining personal insight and sharing it with others, and was attended by 25 Hakim Group practice partners and managers from across Ireland.

McGovern teamed up with life coach, Claire Campbell, to facilitate the retreat’s programme, which included exercises to help bring clarity on attendees’ strengths, authentic characteristics and natural abilities, in the context of leadership and business.

Attendees heard from Dr Michael Harding, who introduced them to Greek philosopher Plato’s Allegory of the Cave – a metaphor for breaking free from illusions that can be limiting.

Terrilee Tennant, learning and development business partner at Hakim Group, analysed each participant’s top strengths as part of the programme, with the aim of unlocking potential that could lead to greater performance.

Attendees are sat around a fire pit playing drums, with a mountain in the background
Hakim Group

The programme encouraged attendees to further develop leadership qualities including empathy, integrity, honesty, and authenticity, with the goal of cultivating purposeful decision-making.

It was hoped that attendees would be encouraged to take bolder leaps towards their goals in the future, and that they would take ideas formed during the retreat back to their practices.

The weekend was sponsored by Braemar Finance, which has supported Hakim Group’s Irish partners for a number of years.

McGovern said: “We envisioned a weekend where our teams could immerse themselves in learning, reflection, and of course, enjoyment.”

She added: “It was wonderful to have our practice teams in Ireland together to do just that. It has been a huge success.”

The first Irish retreat was held in 2022 in the same Connemara location, and saw 20 Hakim Group practice managers and directors attend.