Optometrist publishes wellbeing book

Northamptonshire optometrist, Sheena Tanna-Shah, launched Perfectly Imperfect Mum at the end of September

A Northamptonshire optometrist has published a mindfulness guide for mothers.

Sheena Tanna-Shah, who is a mindfulness and meditation practitioner alongside her work in optics, launched Perfectly Imperfect Mum on 28 September.

The book is structured around 20 everyday scenarios with each scenario featuring a mindfulness and motivational tip, a recipe and a yoga pose or movement.

Ms Tanna-Shah has previously spoken with OT about how mindfulness helped her to manage the anxiety that she experienced.

“The key part of mindfulness is not to think about yesterday or tomorrow but to focus on the present moment,” Ms Tanna-Shah said.

She applies these principles in her everyday interactions as an optometrist.

“I started practising mindfulness in terms of focusing on that patient as an individual and really engaging in talking with them,” she highlighted.

“My husband, who is also an optometrist, is very bubbly and he was doing that all the time. He seemed to be really enjoying his job, so I took a leaf out of his book,” Ms Tanna-Shah said.