Glaucoma UK names 2024 Excellence in Glaucoma Care Award winner

PhD student at Glasgow Caledonian University, Zainab Alrikabi, was recognised for her approach to working with study participants

Zainab Alrikabi is presented with a certificate recognising her as the winner of the Excellence in Glaucoma Care Award 2024 at Glasgow Caledonian University
Glaucoma UK

Glaucoma UK has named Zainab Alrikabi as the winner of the charity’s Excellence in Glaucoma Care Award for 2024.

The annual award celebrates the contributions of individuals and teams to the field of glaucoma care.

Alrikabi, a PhD student at Glasgow Caledonian University, was recognised for “compassion and care” shown to the glaucoma patients participating in her research study.

On being presented with the award, Alrikabi said: “I am genuinely surprised and immensely grateful for this acknowledgement.”

“This award not only honours my work but also recognises the invaluable contributions of my supervisors at Glasgow Caledonian University and the patients involved in the study,” she continued.

Expressing her gratitude to the patients who have participated in the study, Alrikabi added: “Their eagerness to contribute and engage truly inspired me. I am immensely thankful for their involvement.”

Joanne Creighton, chief executive of Glaucoma UK, commented: “Zainab’s exemplary approach to assisting the glaucoma patients taking part in her research study underscores the importance of fostering a collaborative environment where patients feel valued and empowered.”

“The way she has engaged with the volunteers taking part in her study serves as an inspiration to all involved in glaucoma research and care,” she added.

Alrikabi was nominated for the award by eye care professional, Carolyn Aitken, from Helensburgh, who shared: “Zainab was so lovely and patient. She demonstrated remarkable empathy by personally assisting patients who were travelling by public transport to take part in the study, helping them when navigating through unfamiliar terrain to ensure their comfort and ease.”

Glaucoma UK is encouraging nominations of individuals or teams from all areas of glaucoma care for the 2025 Excellence in Glaucoma Care Award